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Book Update & Other News- 08-04-09

Going to War is now available in the USA and other countries around the world. You can purchase the book from the following websites below (different sites have various shipping times, availability and costs). Some bookstores have multiple sites and stock availability may be based on stock at the warehouse rather than a particular store.

USA - USA    
Delmar Learning - USA & Worldwide - USA  
Barns & Nobel - USA    
Books A Million - USA    
Powell's Books - USA    
UK - UK - Coming Soon - UK  
Computer Manuals - UK  
PC World Books - UK  
Waterstones - UK  
Foyles - UK    
Blackwells - UK  
Angus & Robertson - Australia  
Canada - Canada
Germany - Germany    
JPC - Germany - Germany    
France - France
Japan - Japan
Internetbokhandeln - Sweden

Please let us know if you know of any other stores stocking this item or if you find the item within a store.

One final note, if you have purchased and received your book, we hope you like it. Let us know what you think of it, and don't forget to leave positive reviews on Amazon :) - Webmaster.

Latest News 08th April - 2009

Going to War allows you to recreate any battle or war using hexagon based wargaming. Originally many war boardgames used hexagon terrain maps and square pieces for the units and so I used this as inspiration for the book. You can create your own wargame from any time period, and in the book we discuss various timeframes, and provide tiles for both dinosaur fantasy based games and World War II, as well as a selection of terrain tiles.

Thanks - Webmaster.

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Book Update - 06-04-09

Going to War will be released in the UK on the 9th of April. The book is over 450 pages of pure Wargaming delight :)

Further news and information about the book will be available shortly. - Webmaster.

Book Released in the USA - March 2009
The Book "Going to War : Creating Computer Wargames" is now available in North America. You can see more information from
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